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Relaxation, Stress Release & Trauma Relief


"I am so looking forward to reading the workbook! Thank you again for your wonderful gift of RET. Each time, following my treatments, I feel a difference in my body/mind/spirit -subtle, yet profound - hard to put in words. Thank you!"

Lois Boughton

LIV Positive Change

Quotes "The Rapid Eye Sessions completely changed out the personal stress that was present for new perspective on all past events and led me into an overall feeling of joy which created new life. Thank you Deborah for the fun and loving manner you have." Quotes
Massage Therapist

Quotes Group Rapid Eye: The Rapid Eye Sessions were eye-opening and inspirational. The sessions have helped me release negative thoughts and ideas that have been with me for a very long time. The transformation that has taken place is astounding, and I am more at peace with myself and feel that my vibrational energy is more positive. Quotes
Gerri C.

Quotes An Addiction Program Client: After my first session I had a sense of overall health, I was surprised. I look forward to the remainder of my program. Quotes
Foster Parent

Quotes Relax - DeStress - Release Workshop: I am more relaxed. I feel less stress in my back and shoulders. I will be trying these techniques at home too! Quotes
Barb Smitt
Executive Director

Quotes I had a few Rapid Eye sessions with Deborah and they were AMAZING! I felt really relaxed, clear and focused after. It helped release a lot of past trauma and negativity from the past so I could go forward with a clear and positive beginning. I highly recommend a Rapid Eye treatment or workshop with Deborah as she is fabulous! ♥ Quotes

Quotes Group Rapid Eye Therapy: helped me increase my level of happiness and clarity. I had been taking anti-depressants for six years. The effects of the drugs were starting to become as bad as the depression. RET helped me heal my depression and get off anti-depressants. It helped me decrease my level of worry, fear and self-doubt. RET in general completely turned my life around and sent it in a positive direction. I am happier and clearer about what I want.... Quotes

Quotes Relax - DeStress - Release Workshop: I felt relaxed. I was nervous at first because I did not know much about Rapid Eye. I enjoyed myself! Quotes
Tracy Bell
Executive Director