Fraser Valley Rapid Eye   

Relaxation, Stress Release & Trauma Relief

Our Mission

It is "Our Mission" to introduce Holistic professional and proven modalities of natural healing to our community and throughout the world wide web streams.  

Our Purpose

It is "Our Purpose" to provide sessions and training for people  seeking a Holistic Approach to health care. This being accessible for people who desire to practice alternative health care, in conjunction with medical treatments and other programs.

Rapid Eye Technology is:

  1. Rapid Eye Technology facilitates release through a safe, natural process of emotional discharge that seems to simulate REM sleep while awake.
  2. A technical, educational and spiritual model of releasing trapped trauma and stress while bringing the body into balance. 
  3. Rapid blinking in a Rapid Eye Technology session puts a client in a state of balance - light/dark/light/dark. It also accesses trauma, stress and undesired patterns in the DNA cells and releases them.
  4. Our natural ability to discharge emotional issues with our eyes has only recently become accepted by the medical community, (In the US; we are still in process with Canadian Medical Sources).
  5. The other half of Rapid Eye technology is the cognitive re-patterning through the Skills for Life. There Skills are based on Seven (7) Universal Principles.
  6. Much, much more ..