Fraser Valley Rapid Eye   

Relaxation, Stress Release & Trauma Relief

Focusing-Orientated Counseling 

The doorway to the body wisdom or body knowing is called the "felt sense", a body sense of the situation. Gendlin in Focusing (1981) compares the felt sense to a biological computer in which the body generates "enormous collections of data and (delivers) them to you instantaneously when you call them up or when they are called up by some external event. Your thinking isn't capable of holding all those items of knowledge, nor delivering them with such speed." 

We have a "body brain" that can give us different information than our "head brain." Felt sensing can reflect whole-brain knowing which unites the analytical left-brain with the holistic right brain, allowing us to live life more fully. 

How is Focusing Helpful?

  • Clarifies what you really feel and want
  • Enhances decision making
  • Develops self-compassion and caring for your own feelings
  • Helps you to move forward in life
  • Increases life-giving aspects which bring more energy 
  • Enhances communication and relationships

With sadness, we announce the passing of 
our Founder and friend, Gene Gendlin.

In Memoriam
Eugene T. Gendlin December 25th, 1926 - May 1, 2017