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Group Sessions


The  "Core Group Program" is foundational and the sessions include: Neurological Integration, Skills for Life Program, Birth Story Clearing, Inner Child Clearing and Integration,  Clearing Core Beliefs, Cycle of Creation, Re-Pattering and Tools.

Instead of doing sessions one-on-one saturate yourself in the supportive, concentrated focus of group energy and processing. Hold yourself in the positive energy of what you want - long enough to create your new patterns effectively.

The Group Rapid Eye Intensive Program is unlike anything you have ever experienced, even if you have already done Rapid Eye Technology individual sessions.

We address the habitual reative thought, affects or behaviors that are present in mankind, as the focus of this group is to identify and release these limiting thoughts.

In my opinion, the ability to release unhealthy feelings like anger, fear, anxiety, addictions, sabotage, depression, lack and failure that may show up in family life is beyond magnificent! 

Most every family has experienced a less than positive crisis, event, activity or trauma at one point in time or another. Imagine clearing the feelings it brought on to each famly member. Each person can have their own perspective and feelings about any and all experiences and know that we expect the perceptions to be different . They will all clear beautifully just the same.

The endless possibilities to heal whatever is your family experience. Heal together - begin again, cleansed and cleared of feelings and emotions that block you off from the closeness you want back. Clear the layers of feelings so that  you can feel the love you have for yourself and one another.

Sometimes you haven't had the opportunity to be close and know that it is never too late. Create the closeness that is the hope within your heart for you and your family. If you are willing to do the work -- you will have the result of warmth, closeness and pure joy. Now I would imagine you will read this and think, "This just sounds too simply." It is. It takes intention and showing up.  

Common place community groups of like minded people are everywhere. These are set up as topic or issue support groups. There are plenty of them specific to men or to women who have a desire for companionship so that they can share similar experiences.

While sharing relatable experiences people often form a 2nd family, so to speak. Often these groups have a focus which is common enough to interest people in numbers. They may meet on a regular basis, yet sometimes the group feels stuck. The Rapid Eye Technology group sessions can assist them to release the thinking and feelings, so that they can move forward in their group focus. We would be happy to hear rom them then meet and discuss how RET can be a fit.

Speak to your family, local church group, caregivers, resource centre and  other neighborhood gatherings that you are a part of, because change is needed.

Feel free to request us to be a group resource for your community!

Call Deborah for a consultation and/or more information:  (204) 891-7839

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