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Depression Program


When someone feels depressed they may do alot of worrying and feel stuck. When that happens one tends to feel overwhelmed. This pattern will use up energy in the brain and cause a struggle with sleeping. Once awake, one may still feel tired.

Rapid Eye Technology and its' processes will release all of this unfinished business and lets the brain rest again, naturally. This will recreate and influence motivation to get on with things again more easily, as energy returns. 

Doing Rapid Eye Technology on the issue or pattern, while the body and mind is relaxed brings you to the alpha brain wave state which sends different messages and moves the body into balance. Well being occurs.

Sessions include:

Clearing for Depression on all levels, Depression and Apathy, Family &  Positives, Self Healing on all Levels, Being What You Intend and more... 

This eight week programs focus is to specifically address the client's perspective.

The sessions are 1 1/2 hours and take place once a week.

There is an additional program that is to be done in between weekly sessions during the eight week program. After all if you continue to do the same pattern, you will get the same results.

As well as, release work we teach Skills for Life as the cognitive part of the Rapid Eye Technology (RET) Process. RET assists clients in creating their life the way they would rather have it, on all levels.

Call for a consultation which needs to take place before program can begin at:

(204) 891-7839

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