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The Inner Child program


What happens in your 12 session program?

The twelve session program is designed to work with a person from pre-verbal issues around birth through the present moment. Your sessions help you identify your sponsoring beliefs that continue to form the uncomfortable pattern cycle in your life (things that show up repeatedly in you life).

You will also retrain your body so that it doesn't recreate out of old habit. The effects of these patterns and emotions are released from the DNA or cell memory.

The Inner Child program is designed to teach, explore and develop new awareness of the developmental stages of childhood. Developmental stages are accompanied by challenges which prepare us to grow into functioning adults in society, hopefully to the benefit of all.

Inner Child Development is a journey to bring together neglected and forgotten parts of your life's experience. The healing of your wounded Inner- Child allows us to release the past.

This twelve week programs focus is to specifically address the client's perspective.

 The sessions are 1 1/2 hours and take place once a week.

There is an additional program that is included as homework  inbetween weekly sessions during the twelve week program. After all if you continue to do the same pattern, you will get the same results.

RET assists clients in creating their life the way they would rather live it!. 

Call Deborah for a consultation which needs to take place before program can begin.

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