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Couples Counselling Program


This program has been developed specifically to work with couples.

When working with people who are having relationship issues, it doesn't matter whether one or both people, who are involved in the relationship, are coming in for treatment. You can also effect change by supporting one person to shift.

One person becoming aware can change a whole extended family system for the better.

The sessions are 1 1/2 hours and take place once a week.

There is an additional program that is to be done in between weekly sessions during the eight week program. After all, if you continue to do the same pattern, you will get the same results.

As well as, release work we teach Skills for Life as the cognitive part of the Rapid Eye Technology (RET) Process. RET assists clients in creating their life the way they would rather live it.

Sessions will include and address the following: Commitment Patterns, Trust, Understanding Emotions, Control - vs - Compromise, Change, Conflict Resolution, Intimacy and more...

Call for a consultation which needs to take place before program can begin and ask for Deborah at   (204) 891-7839 .  


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