Fraser Valley Rapid Eye   

Relaxation, Stress Release & Trauma Relief


Focusing on Addictions Program


All addictions are the body's great need for attention. The core belief for addiction is, "The things I need are outside me."

This eight week programs focus is to specifically address the client's addiction. The sessions are designed to increase an awareness while providing mental, emotional and physical release. Rapid Eye goes to the core issues and when patterns were first created. A combination of releasing trauma and repatterning occurs when balance is achieved and cravings are released.

The sessions are 1 1/2 hours and take place once a week.

There is an additional portion that is to be done inbetween weekly sessions during the eight week program. After all if you continue to do the same pattern, you will get the same results.

As well as, release work we teach a Life Skills Program as the cognitive part of the Rapid Eye Technology (RET) Process. RET assists clients in creating their life the way they would rather have it be, on all levels.

Rapid Eye Technology provides a program which addresses the following addictions: Smoking, Overeating, Gambling, Sex and/or Drug Addiction. 

Sessions will include and address the following: Pattern Cycle, Addictive Behavior, Addiction Core Belief, Healing Poverty Consciousness, Skills for Life Coaching, Time Line, Addiction Defense, Repatterning and more 

Call Deborah at: (604) 621-5678 for more information and/or a consultation.

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