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Life Skills Program

Posted by Deborah Chester on May 12, 2011 at 2:34 PM

The Skills for Life Program can be printed out by choosing your pages of as a workbook download by going to the Rapid Eye Technology Website:

This is a workbook designed to enhance self discovery. Inner work is a continuous life process. The more you focus on knowing who you are, the better your life will work. This workbook is meant to take you to the places where you might have trapped trauma and unresolved emotions stored. This workbook will increase your knowledge and awareness of why things show up in your life the way they do. Rapid Eye Technology sessions discharge the old trapped trauma and greatly assist you in making the connections on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Life skills assist you in developing new ideas and ways to create quality living.

The truth and awareness you will discover will be yours alone. Each of us in this world goes on our own personal journey. We all have wonderful creative powers to discover. As we bridge the belief in separation and connect to our source. we will discover nothing is outside of ourselves. We begin to find a wonderful new freedom.

Clients report feeling immediate relief, experiencing wholeness and resolution in each lesson. Once you are free from limiting patterns and behaviours’ set up from past experiences, you will experience a healthy, joyful, prosperous present and future.

However, hundreds of people who have participated in a group attending Rapid Eye Technology Life Skills Workshops have reported really enjoying  the program in that format too.



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